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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dom is about 4

One night not too long ago I woke up and felt a little body in my body and thought to myself "Dominic when will you get here?" Not too long after that I woke up and knew it was time. Didn't know what to expect with a son, although I hoped he would like all my jokes that his sisters didn't appreciate. "Look mommies going to eat a worm!!" Didn't evoke the hysterical laughter I expected. Instead I got a rousing chorus of "That's disGUSting mom!" A little boy might want to watch all the movies I like to watch, Lord of the Rings always gave the girls' the ibbity jibbities. Star Wars bored them. Never Ending Story reduced them to tears, "Atreyu NOOO!!" So when I had my boy I secretly wished he would think the world of me. That I would teach him to be thoughtful, kind and able to do his own laundry. That he would hold doors open not because he had to, but because that would be the type of person he would be. Not so long ago, I waited for this boy, this Dominic, to enter my life but not quite knowing anything about him. And faster than I could ever think possible (C sections are like that) he was in my arms for the very first time. I laughed, I cried and I knew instantly that everything I knew about being a mom was thrown out the window. Sure the baby care skills were there (put lotion on the fingernails before you cut them..makes it easier) and my multitasking skills were there (put baby in sling, make dinner, and talk on the phone) but what about the things I just did not know how to do? How do I make the perfect paper airplane? Ive never really fished before...should I learn now?? So on that August day, many things I knew for sure (I loved him) but many things I didn't (is he going to cry alot?) And ever since that day I doubted myself, he has given me the one thing I trully build my strength from which is his peace. His willingness to listen, his ability to make any crazy old lady smile, and his soft voice that greats me every morning with "Hi mummy, can I have some cereal?" When I hug him he tries not to smile, but he still kisses me when no one is looking. With his birthday coming up there has been much talk over presents, cake, and going to preschool. He is not the super talkative type so when he makes requests we all stop to listen. He wants 3 things. "A skateboard with wheels. Megatron transformer, to be friends with his Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. And a clone trooper gun, not a real one though, just the play kind" His exact words. Since these were probably the most descriptive lines he has ever said in his life we dare not interrupt.

And then he went back to playing silently on the floor, but before he dumped his trains all over the place he asked me what I wanted for my birthday. My birthday IS coming up, but havent even thought about it. A card maybe? "No thats not a present" well then what do you want to get me? "I know I know! We can get you a play clone trooper gun and then we can play together, huh mummy???" And you know what, I guess thats what I want too. Here's to my little Dominic Malacai on his 4th birthday.


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